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The Place

This is where Avatars come for more recreational educational activities while still keeping with the spirit of Deeper Learning. They are a mix of fun, cultural, hands-on activities that take place in the main City of our Metaverse.



High School Campus
City Farm

Where Students will go to learn inside of traditional classrooms, like in real life.

Central Plaza

Where animals are tended, fields harvested, and food packaged for sale in the City.

Artists Studio

Where all types of Avatars gather around and mix between themselves. It is the center of the City and people go through it on their way to other areas.


Where Students will go to play games that assess, in experiential terms, the knowledge that they learned inside traditional classrooms.

College Fair

Where Students go to see what colleges are like, and what they have to offer them. 

Where artists coalesce and collaborate in order to create and showcase their art.

​Career Planning Office

Where Students go to discover and plan for their best fit for both College and jobs.

Broadcasting Station

Where journalists draft, edit and transmit daily news to citizens.

Performance Arts Venue
City Stadium
Civic Square

Where Students learn about the institutions that govern their society, their importance, and historical context.

Where citizens gather for large social, cultural, and civic events.

Where citizens gather to witness important athletic events, or massive outdoor ceremonies.

Future of Work
Multicultural House

Where Students go see what different industries are like, and how they can prepare for them.

Where people of different origins and persuasions meet to celebrate each others history and traditions.

STEM Center
Teen Lounge

Where Avatars come to learn science, technology and innovation through specialized labs, research, and demos.

Where young people can gather for fun and socialization in a safe and exclusive manner.

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